I have been blogging pretty consistently since 2006, less so recently. In the past, my blogging has been mostly for professional purposes related to my work. At one point I blogged about my personal life which then turned into some sort of business. Of course I immediately lost interest, because that’s just what I do. Still, although I don’t consider myself much of a writer, I do find it to be therapeutic in getting my thoughts out of my head…and the trails of tiny scraps of paper floating at the bottom of my purse or tucked into various drawers don’t do much to allow me to re-read and reflect on my personal journey. So why not blog. Today is the day it begins. Today I begin to share my over-rationalized life journey with the world…or really just myself…because this blog is secret, for now. If you stumble upon it by accident, I welcome you to read whatever happens to spill out of my brain and onto my keyboard. 


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